Last Updated On: 8th August 2023

Here you will find all the statistics of various projects. It includes The total number of students/interns enrolled in a specific project, the total number of students/interns completed that particular project, and the completion rate. You will clearly understand the project level and which projects are unique to add to a resume!

Machine Learning Projects
Project NameStudents EnrolledStudents CompletedCompletion Rate (%)
Breast Cancer Prediction550224
Cervical Cancer Risk Prediction1101110
Employee Attrition Prediction2973311.11
Life Expectancy Prediction3524412.5
Predict Employee Turnover1656640
Kyphosis Disease Classification4400
Predict Ad Clicks on Facebook11000
H&M Personalized Fashion Recommendations1653320
Medical Insurance Premium Prediction7700
Google Analytics Customer Revenue Prediction418225.26
Predicting Credit Card Approvals6600
Mushroom Classification1100
Predicting Number of Comments on Facebook Post1100
Finding Best Machine Learning Model – Automated ML9900
Petrol Price Prediction165116.67
Restaurant Rating Prediction3300
Energy Efficiency of Buildings000
Thyroid Disease Detection5500
Drug Activity Prediction1100
Store Sales Prediction1100
Wheat Kernel Variety Identification2200
Customer Purchase Prediction2200
Cryptocurrency Fraud Detection12100
Credit Card Fraud Transaction Detection17600
Credit Card Default Prediction663350
Classify Forest Cover Types1100
Campus Recruitment Salary Prediction13200
Bike Sharing Prediction4400
Adult Census Income Prediction1111100
Insurance Claim Probability Prediction132118.33
Bacteria Species Classification1100
Flight Ticket Price Prediction14300
Phishing URL Detection407225.41
Cyber Security Projects
Project NameStudents EnrolledStudents CompletedCompletion Rate (%)
Cyber Threat Hunting24201215
Secure Coding Fundamentals407112.7
Network Traffic Analysis for Incident Response946555.81
Web Application Firewall85800
Hacker Behavior Modeling24200
Universal Website Scraper1166221.89
Network Threat Identification39600
Log Analyzer61600
Image Encryption41800
Email Monitoring20900
Packet Sniffing Detection in a Network46200
Data Recovery Tools957111.1499999999999999
Bug Bounty Automation1496885.88
Creating Antivirus26400
Keylogger Detector319113.45
Hybrid Technique for Data Encryption506224.3499999999999996
Frontend Projects
Project NameStudents EnrolledStudents CompletedCompletion Rate (%)
Website Clones1342886.56
E-commerce Website86900
Landing Pages146315410.53
QR Code Generator693334.76
Quiz Creator15400
Personal Portfolio Website17711548.7
Full Stack Projects
Project NameStudents EnrolledStudents CompletedCompletion Rate (%)
Resume Builder41800
Appointment Booking System41800
Appointment Booking Site73700
Blog Creator882225